The Wrong Thought

I have been in many complicated situations in my life but I have to say the predicament I am in now is by far the worst ever. I met a girl from Nottingham escorts about a month ago and I ended up liking her quite a bit. After our first date I decided I had to see her again so I called the agency a few more times after that so I could go out with her again. I knew I shouldn’t have done it because now I am head over heals and all she thinks of me as is a client. I can be so stupid when it comes to women and I really need to step back and make some changes. My head has been cluttered thinking about her and I honestly think now is a better time than ever to start with the changes. I am not really sure where to start or what to do, but I will figure it out because I cannot keep doing this to myself. I just hope this last girl is easy to get over, so far my lucks looking bad.